Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things you just shouldn't do alone.

I feel like it's going to be a long post.. but long to me may be different than long to you.

Just a warning, ramblings, and some randomness..

I watched P.S. I Love You last night.

Something you shouldn't do alone.

At least without your significant other.

My eyes are puffy today.

There are other things that just shouldn't be happening, much like me, watching that movie alone..

As Lynn got in the car yesterday after school, she nearly boiled-over with excitement.

"Mom!! I saw this boy today who is HOT. And he's not just HOT, he's HOT HOT!"

My mind is asking where she got this from. I certainly do not talk that way. So, my mouth followed the direction of my mind and asked her.

"Where did you get that from?"

Pointing to her head she answers, "My brain. My eyes saw him and my brain told me he was HOT HOT."

Oh, my, goodness.. here we go.

She then proceeded to tell me his name describe his every visible feature, the color of his hair and how it lifts in the front like her boyfriend, James.. ?!?

"But he's not my boyfriend anymore." she announced. "I was trying to get him to like me."

"How do you do that?" I asked.

"By being nice to him, and being happy when I am around him." That really isn't hard, she sits right next to him.

Then she continued, and further blew me away.

"But I don't like him anymore 'cause he's being a DOUCHE BAG to me."

That was where it HAD to stop. My sweet little 6 going on 17 year old needed to be corrected in many ways.

Does it really happen this soon?

Merrill is enjoying his trip. They went fishing yesterday in Ketchikan and caught some salmon. I was excited to hear from him, and to also hear they are sending it home via FedEx. I miss him so much this time though.

Jaclyn and I took the kiddos to a "new" park last night.

sept 024

I swore I saw a toy from the road in one of my previous drive-bys, but no. An awesome walking path.. a cool little creek to look at, throw rocks into.. some very suspicious growth near where the children were gravitating. We cut our evening out short, to come home and Google "Poison Ivy". Still not too sure, but my kids are okay.. let's hope it was just a look alike..


I look forward to spending the day at my sewing machine. Taking it easy. Trying to keep busy so my mind won't let me miss him too much.

These girls make it easier on me.. all of their silliness and cuteness.. and that's what makes his being away worth while. I get my time completely alone with them.

Peyton love playing little mama with her doll. She isn't too happy with the purses sliding off of her shoulder. I will try to make something today especially for her that will help with that.

sept 007

Ashley is.. well... Ashley. The things her little brain puts together amaze me and usually evoke laughter.

sept 012

And then there's Lynn...

sept 004

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