Thursday, September 3, 2009

Time to play!!

After a week filled with work, I am glad to announce I can now play!!

We spent the day yesterday just chillin' after that appraisal was all taken care of. Lynn and I snuggled after she got home from school, watching PBS kids I took a little snoozer.

We played what seemed like a LONG game of Memory, but my opponent was the one who made the game seem so long.. she is still trying to cheat!

Tsk.. tsk..

We also had to enjoy some popcorn during our game.

We ordered in pizza.. Lynn was bummed because I forgot she likes sausage, and didn't get it on the pizza. Honestly, she picks just about everything off her pizza, it was an honest mistake. I guess there will be no surprising with the ordering of pizza around here anymore, I should take the order.

We played outside for a while, trying to get Lynn used to the no training-wheel factor. That was a goal this summer, and where did that time go exactly?

Then bath time came..

Bath time is now quite the adventure at our house now.. with Peyton having that cast, it makes for some exciting, bag, duct tape, rubber banding, and towel fun! It didn't get wet last night thankfully.

Do you think it would be wrong for me to spray some Scentsy spray down her cast? It seriously stinks...

We snuggled-up in my bed and watched "Enchanted".. it was nice.

I cried.

I miss Merrill.

I got all the children to their own beds, but wouldn't you know, by 7 this morning, two of the three were in my bed, and one was laying in her own made-up bed at the foot of my bed, on the floor.

I guess when Lynn told her that sleeping on the floor would break her back doesn't scare her anymore.

This is just some of what I did today:

sept 3 006

I FINALLY finished Peyton's night stand.. thanks for the inspiration Ally.

sept 3 005

Helped Ash sound out words and she spells them the way her brain tells her to! (This one says "rainbow".)

sept 3 003

And Peyton enjoyed some coloring time too.. she is getting quite good at using that left hand! She will color with it, feed herself with it.. she gets mad when purses don't stay on her shoulder, and she can't quickly grab them because of that darn hindrance of a hot pink cast.. she is taking a binky ALL THE TIME now.. I hope she forgets all about those now stinky fingers.

She is also talking so much more..

She says "okey" for okay, "hep mama!" for help, "doos" for juice...

And.. she loves singing all the monkey songs, especially while I change her diaper.

She has also learned that she gets a great reaction out of us when she hits us with her cast. Ouch...

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