Friday, September 18, 2009


Did I just invent a new word?
Before I even begin, let me admit that I am a little sad going through this whole process.. packing and cleaning things out.. spending these last few days in my home.. the home where we started, where we brought our babies home.. where they learned to crawl, walk, and talk.. so many memories..
This move will be a good thing though, a little stressful, but good.
So here's the end of my boo-hooing, and the beginning of the fun!!
We started packing last night. We only have a week, so seriously.. we need to light a fire under it and get going.
It's just hard to decide what we can go a week without.. not like we use EVERYTHING in this house, but, you know.. what if I MIGHT want to bake a 16x16 inch layer cake AND decorate it? What if for SOME REASON, we will want to eat on the fine china?
See, decisions..
So last night, we started with the closet in the basement. That is the easiest place to begin because it's contents are CDs, DVDs, and the games I pray every day, that the girls won't make a mess of.
And here's your warning: with a man whose hobby IS MUSIC, we have more CDS than the average couple..
Inside the closet:

Outside of the closet:

It was my goal to purge the same time as packing, and not take garbage to the new house..
See all that garbage?

I try to not be a pack rat..
We did come across a treasure..

This one is a keeper!!
So it continues..
The girls play in the boxes, and we laugh, and remember..
When we moved in this house nearly 9 years ago, it was just the two of us. The basement was empty,well, besides the washer and dryer.. a few bins of decorations.
The only reason we even had to be in the basement was to do laundry, get out some decorations, or go spider hunting.
Now here we are.. doing most of our living down here, busting at the seams.
It will be good..
I just need to get over thinking about moving all this stuff!!


Ally's Corner said...

FYI Your girls may be a little scared at night in their new room. It happend to me with Anna when we moved here and a friend of mine daughter also. Of course our girls were two or three. I ended up taking Anna back to our old house to show her it was still there but someone else lived there. That worked!!!
Just wanted to give you the heads up if that happens to your girls


Bonnie said...

What a sweet post. All the memories...

Julie said...

I feel for you. I had a hard time leaving my first house. However, I'm so happy I moved because I got a chance to become friends with really great people. And it is a nice opportunity to go through everything and get rid of stuff.

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I hope the move goes smoothly! And just think, you can take all those memories with you! =)

stacy said...

can i just tell you how glad i am that you are back to the blogging world. i haven't come here to this blog in a while (just look at mine and you will see how long it has been.) and low and behold you ARE BAAACK! YAY!
now seriously when were you going to tell me you are moving? and seriously i had to find out on your blog? i am so freaking jealous, can i just tell you? how awesome...congratulations. i can understand how you would be feeling a little sentimental of all the "firsts" you have had in your house. i think i will feel sad too, when the time comes...although i think i am ready to have all those emotions, i WANT a new house too!
pey broke her arm, what the heck? that sucks i am sorry!
that is cool that lynnie lou lost her tooth, funny enough paxton just lost his first one at school (it got knocked out...long story) and it is the exact same one as lynn. he has a top one on the opposite side from the one he lost that is super loose, i told him he is going to look like a jack'o'lattern just in time for halloween.
i know this is a long comment so i won't bore you anymore, i have so much to talk about with you, it has been far too long. when can we get together? maybe after you get settled into your new home!
love you and am glad to see you have returned, now maybe i will!

Tiffany Nash said...

Moving is so full of emotions, but once your in that new spacious house you will love it. Your lucky that you have captured so many memories with your blogs and scraping.....enjoy! Good Luck Girl!!

ps glad your back!