Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love my scroll saw..

I always have..
He and I have just lost touch.
The last time I used it, it was honestly 2 years ago.. we were finishing our floors. There was some small detail work that needed to be cut on one of the trim pieces, and it was used then.
I used it much more often back in the days before three children became my life..
I have had a couple of projects lined up that required it's assistance, and I finally dusted it off, and got to work.
It also helps that my mouse needs little to no attention now. :)

For Peyton's room, I wanted to replicate the tulips that are on her flat sheet and pillow case.. I will forever be thankful to all the tricks I learned from my ex-boyfriend's (okay.. fiance..) mom who was a crafter..
Tracing is not the fastest method to this madness..
Cutting, I learned tips for that step too..
And painting..
It was my job for a while..
I think they turned out cute.

I also loved the long-grain rice that found a home holding them up, perfectly in the flower pot.
This lamp was a purchase when I was preggers with Lynn (#1).
I loved it then, it matched the nursery colors and theme so well! I just couldn't toss it into the DI box, I re-purposed it.
DI-d the dusty blue shade and replaced it with a new pink one from Target, and took the yellow star pull off the beaded chain, and put on one of the tulips that I cut while cutting the others.

For tomorrow: "The Butterfly" project..


Ally0005 said...

Wow!! Pretty. You are one talented woman.


Six-Pack Momma said...

Too cute! See....I need a scroll saw!

BookwormMom said...

We don't say "scroll saw" at my house anymore...that was one of the things stolen from our garage this summer, and it's just too painful for Cole...he misses it ALOT! (guess what's coming for Christmas...)

That stuff is WAY of these days, you're going to have to teach me how to play with wood...and sew too!