Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Musical dates..

While packing, taking care of the everyday, and dreaming, we have also been on a carousel with our closing date.
At first, as stated in our contract, it was the 22nd. Due to a surgery, it got bumped to the 24th.
Then we had to sign that we were okay with the 24th, but that addendum stated the 25th or sooner..
That one word kills me.
So we have been living in our cardboard box jungle, waiting for solid word, hoping it is the 24th.
Then there is today..
Elbow deep in the cardboard mayhem, I get a call from a title company.
Being nosy, I ask how soon this will all be signed on, and they say...
"Early next week."
Ask anyone present, I was calm, polite, I didn't even say a thing..
I called their agent though.
It was all a misunderstanding, it wasn't even the title company we are closing through for our new house, aka the one I care about.
I am hosting a baby shower next Tuesday.. time is of the essence!!
On top of all of that, Merrill got his 24 hour notice today that his RSM (Regional Service Manager also known as the guy to make things PERFECT FOR OR ELSE..) would be coming TONIGHT.
We also had my cousin's wedding dinner tonight..
Until Lynn got sick.
And I had to take her to the doctor.
So fun.
But life s good, and soon we'll be THERE!! :)


Ally's Corner said...

Isn't life wonderful!!!

Julie said...

I think you have handled the musical dates very well. I hope Lynn is feeling better.