Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Where have I been, right?!

Getting ready for this appraisal, which was today, and now I get to wait...

Pray it is higher than they want.. pray with me, won't you? ;)

Merrill is on vacation which has made this all that much funner.

I am incredibly thankful to some angels who showed-up at my house last night and saved me. I thought all that needed to be done would get done quickly, all by myself, somehow. They showed-up and got it done. Stress, OVER. Now my kiddos have a happy mama, and I feel like I can play and even breathe a little.

sept 010

Today was Ashley's first day of pre-school and she loved every bit of it except for the part where she didn't go to the writing center and thus, had an empty cubby, and thusly an empty backpack..

It was weird, it just being me and Peyton, but kinda nice. I can't wait for it to be a day where it's just her and myself, and we can sit and play and read books instead of doing last minute cleaning.

I am also celebrating the first day I do not have to go to Lowe's, and also celebrating that my two oldest will not get into another cat fight there, in front of the paint counter for all to see.


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