Sunday, July 31, 2011

advances in swimming

it seems like every year, ashley “forgets” the fact that she knows how to swim.

this year she even took to screaming when we would try to take her to the deep end, just as a reminder that she knows what to do…

every summer, by the end of the summer, the kid “remembers” that she knows how to swim, is going down the slide and off the diving board no problemo!

last summer, sadly, she didn’t “remember”.

(but she would jump off the back of the houseboat at lake powell?)

i am happy to say, that this summer, she remembered.


july 108july 059july 025

lynn lives with goggles attached to her face…

july 044july 081

and little peyton, who started out not liking the water much, has fallen deeply in love.

july 067july 089july 102

seems as if all my girls have grown gills and fins.


Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

Swimming is always an adventure with my kids. Little man hates water in his face, and he turns into the king of the steps, no one is allowed on the pool steps without his permission..and then I help the poor subjects out! Glad that ashley remembered how to swim again! :)

BookwormMom said...

My kids are little fishes too...and it makes me a little sad to watch Talia and realize by the end of this year, she won't need her swim vest anymore...

anniebobannie said...

And cute little fishes they are!!!

mandi said...

And that is why we love summer. These photos are amazing. Nice job!