Friday, July 29, 2011

the kid who doesn’t want to try anything new, tried something new. (!!!!!)

indulge me for a minute, mmmkay?

(proud parent moment coming your way.)

lynnie-lou doesn’t like to venture out and try new things often.  she is a teensy-weensy little bit like her dad in that regard, he doesn’t care too much for change.  this kid, well, she goes above and beyond that and doesn’t like pretty much anything out of the norm. 

new meals?

not a snowball’s chance…

a different color cap on the milk and her world implodes.

this summer, we (her dad and i) were trying our hardest to convince her to venture out and try something (anything!!) new.

first, there was a cooking class.  she would have gone with her cousin (notice the “would have” there) but bringing it up only brought her to tears.

she told us that she was interested in art camp so we, very excitedly, got her in there.  she loved it..  after being nervous that she wouldn’t know anyone there…

my friend called, wondering if lynn would be interested in taking ice skating lessons.  her daughter has always wanted to, but thought it would be funner with a friend. 

let me tell you, merrill and i were doing our best to talk this kid into it.

she tried crying.

she tried stressing.

she tried to out-right, flat-out say no, and we wouldn’t let her off that easily.  we told her to sleep on it.

the next day (the day of the first lesson), the kid told me that she didn’t want to do it because she was scared she would get hurt.  crack her head open, break her leg..  she had dreamed up some real great possibilities.

so i enlightened her.

(that is part of my job as “mom”.)

“did you know that you could fall down the stairs and break your leg?”


“does it stop you from coming down the stairs?”


“did you know that we could get in a car accident today?  maybe even die?”

(shocked expression.)

“does that stop us from going anywhere?  do we just sit at home?”

(still shocked.  maybe i took this a bit too far..  nah.)

“did you know that when we fly to disneyland this fall, we could crash?  does that stop us from going?”

“we could get there some other way…  we could drive?”

“did you know that it is more likely that we get into a car accident than our plane crash?”

okay..  maybe i went a little too far.

but guess what?

she decided to learn to ice skate!

(and she had fun.)

(after she was over the nervousness..)

july 125july 145

so they look like they are dancing..

they aren’t.

they caught each other, saved each other from falling.  probably breaking open their heads or something..

july 174

the funniest thing had to be seeing lynn, talk to herself constantly!  when she was near riley, she would yammer on to her.  i kept telling her, like she was really going to hear me, to knock it off!!  she is such a chatterbox.

july 195

this is after they crashed again..  well, after lynn crashed and her arm, flailing, took out riley’s leg.

july 204

as i type this, she is over my shoulder, yammering on even more about how excited she is to go next week..

julie and I are too.  we get a great core workout from all the laughing we do while we watch them.


Ally's Corner said...

It just touches my heart when you see kids try something and like it when they think that wouldn't. Have fun in Disneyland last time I was there I was 5.

Maecy said...

She looks just like she's talking herself into it. Cute. Also, don't you think you have enough core workouts with Julie all ready?? Dang girl. You gonna be abs of steel all ready.

Rachael said...

What a fun thing for those two to learn together. Ice skating hurts (your feet), so if they were having fun that's awesome! Lynn's such a cutie!

Julie said...

Riley was ecstatic that Lynn wanted to go too! And, it turns out, Lynn was pretty amazing on her first day. That was some of the best entertainment I've had in quite awhile. Thanks for all the fun. Love ya!

anniebobannie said...

Brave girl! I still won't dare go on the ice....

mandi said...

Again, you take the best photos. I always get stuck at your scrapbook blog and it's fun, but this one is much more fun. Need to remember that...

On a different note, Disneyland. Any chance you're going in September?