Tuesday, July 12, 2011

risk factors of having long hair.

it’s funny..  the moment i actually get a second to myself, to sit down and to type anything of substance, the first place my mind immediately goes to is my hair and the caution that seems to flow constantly with it.

sometime i will no doubt update the world (or me and the two people who might still cruise over to this corner of the www to see what we are up to) on the goings on of our summer thus far.  i will regale the tale of the cold/allergy fit 4 of the 5 of us had (still not sure which it was really, it was just snotty, head poundlingly bad), our latest adventures, some funny stories, some cute pics.  ya know.  life stuff.

but right now is all about my hair.

the last time i had hair this long was when i had lynn.  if you do the math right, it was 8 and 1/2 years ago (okay..  a wee bit more.).  it was highlighted, split-ended, and long!!  i loved it.  loved it until she figured out how to grab a fist-full of it while she nursed, then it wasn’t so fun anymore.  yes, the hair-pulling and the summer heat, heat from the season itself, lugging around my hunk-o-chunk of a baby, and my hair, all pushed me to that breaking point to cut it off.

so here we are again,  long hair.

it gets stuck in my armpit, or between my arm and body.  i will attempt to move my head only to have it jerked back into it’s original position due to the fact that my hair is pinned by my own body!

then there is a similar quandary at bedtime, or at least the time i should be sleeping..  it gets pinned there too.  most unpleasant.

peyton has taken to tugging on it recently.  not to hurt in any way, she just twirls her own out of habit.  i can see why my hair might be enticing to her twirling-prone fingers.

but when she desires a shoulder ride has to be the worst for my hair and scalp!  that is the most uncomfortable of hair being pinned situations.

then there are the times when i am the cause of my own pain and torture.  do you remove hair from your clothing?  i hope you do.  i do.  there are times when i think i am innocently removing a fallen out strand only to find that it is just a solitary hair, still very much attached to my scalp.  it’s just so darn long!! 

then there is the grossest.

wiping small people when they are in need of such assistance in the bathroom.  that is where much caution needs to be taken.  one impulsive move can mean that the end of my locks end up in potty water.

see gross.

but you should know, I am not even playing with considering to think about contemplating the pondering of getting my hair chopped.  I am loving it’s longness immensely.

(hope you enjoyed my shallow post.  it is a poor attempt at humor, i know.  but give me a break!  it’s been a while.)


Jocelyn said...

Ok, you must have known that I was just about to email you and see how you were because you posted...but then I got side tracked by totally laughing at the thought of hair and potty water! and that was after I got done laughing at the how you pull your own hair out on accident:-) Girl, you are too funny!!!!

Ally's Corner said...

You crack me up! Enjoy our long hair accidents and all. Having short hair is a pain also trust me but I have found do what makes you happy.

MEK said...

Ahhh, I remember when you had that long hair with lynn. I love you with long hair and wish that I could just make myself grow my hair out. BUT it gets to a point and I just CHOP it off. I am about ready too do it again. One because of the summer heat and having extra weight this year (obviouly due to the baby in my belly)and two because I have some unwanted color still in my hair I have been trying to get out for 7 months or so. One day I may be like you and have long locks. BUT kyle better not get his hopes up! Thanks for the Shallow post! I love when you are "trying" to be funny LOL love ya

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I love long hair..if mine were thick and gorgeous when it was long, i would grow it out more..but it just doesn't look very pretty when mine is long! I miss my hair sometimes though! I am sure yours is long and gorgeous, so keep your long hair, because I won't ever have long hair again! Keep it for both of us! :)

mandi said...

Ha ha! I thought I was the only one!