Saturday, July 30, 2011

introducing skipperdee.

(still not sure of the spelling of his name.)

the other day, we went to visit good old dad at the hotel.  took him a treat.

(it wasn’t a very good day for him.)

while there, peyton ventured into the lost and found area of the back office.  she emerged with this little guy.

july 207

no one knows how long he’s been there, probably lonely and crying. 

lost toys like this sit there for a long time, in hopes that their owners will reclaim them, which rarely happens. 

if it’s something that merrill knows the girls will love, then it comes home, in a nice, plastic, shiny best western laundry bag.  otherwise, it gets sent to the d.i.

peyton was in love and asked merrill if this turtle, whose name was suddenly skipperdee (or maybe it was all along?!) could be her turtle.

well, obviously he said yes.

skipperdee is never far from peyton’s side.  if he is, then that means he is lost, and we all help to find him because it is pretty sad around here until he is safely by peyton’s side again.

he slept underneath her pillow last night, then was dragged into my bed, placed underneath my pillow before she snuggled up to me after having another “bad dweam”.

she even made him breakfast this morning.

july 205


Maecy said...

Ahhhhh. turtle love. and why not with such a cute name as "skipperdee". Love it and she's pretty dang cute too.

Rachael said...

Awe....What a cute little friend!

Sheri Wadman said...

So sweet... and it HAS to be skipperdee just like eloise's turtle (who also lives at a hotel)! Love it

Tiffany said...

So sweet!

anniebobannie said...

That is the cutest! Love when they have favorites hate when those favorites go missing....

ChrisJFreeze said...

So cute! Tyler had a turtle like that as a baby. He wouldn't take a binky, but he'd suck on the turtle's head. We lost it one day in Costco. I made a special trip back to the store to retrieve it. How can you not love it?