Wednesday, July 20, 2011

late night/early morning randomness from one tired mom.

i am here, snuggling the world's cutest three yer old, typing one-handed, re-living my days of nursing this same child (but in infant form) and typing one-handedly taking those crazy/stupid facebook quizzes (like the one that told me i was captain kirk type nerd?).

(sshhhh! don't laugh too loud.  she's asleep now.)

the snuggling is a result of "scawy dweams".  she doesn't get past that, or the crying.  we are on night two (or is it three?  wow i am tired.) of this adventure.  all i really can do is snuggle and reassure, and pray.

apparently it is effective.

first thing this morning (like 7:30 this morning, which totally caught me off guard, by the way, mostly because i thought for sure she'd want to sleep in..) she woke me up, told me again about having a scary dream, to which i rather sleepily/grouchily responded, "i know.  that's why i am here, in your bed."  but she also added that being scared is silly because Heavenly Father protects us.

things always look better in the light of a new day, don't they?

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Bonnie said...

poor Peyton. It seems like around that time David was having "scawy dreams" too. How wonderful of you to snuggle with her!