Tuesday, July 26, 2011

because i suck at stuff.

so with part of our tax return, i got seven sorts of excited about a two terabyte (2 TB) external hard drive, and bought it.  one of those seven sorts of excited primarily dealt with all the cds worth of images i have, and need to preserve in a better way. 

i discovered problems with a disc from 2005 while putting together lynn’s little picture disc for her baptism.  yeah, I remember totally reading an article years ago in creating keepsakes about how long those discs will last, yada yada yada..  and yup, years later, i am finally doing something about it!

sadly, the one picture i was after on that one disc, not able to bring it up…

(yeah..  so I got this thing back in..  it was a while ago, and now, I am really getting to my precious preserving?..  see, I suck at stuff.)

so here i am, before any more time is wasted, getting around to putting all of those discs onto that hard drive.

(helps that i can’t seem to sleep..)


it is a bittersweet thing to do.

i give you reasons why:

(most of them circa 2006)

mar 06 001

lynn still gives me this dirty look:

may 2006 061

june 2006 078

sad to see that lynnie-lou wore this shirt not that long ago, and now peyton fits into it.Sad smile

don’t believe me, see the header…

but glad to know that they are still this close…

may 2006 063

i just can’t help but wonder where the time has gone.. 

we sat and watched the girls swim tonight.  all three of them, going all over the pool, jumping off the diving board, totally belly-flopping, but loving it.  laughing, playing, splashing together…

i am afraid to blink.

i see where we are, completely loving it, but remember all too well where we just were.  to be completely honest, i am a little homesick for it.

Jan 06 044

oh my goodness…  there are so many more like this.

DSC02730june 2006 142mar 06 059aug 05 020aug 05 043 cropaug 05 054dinosaurland 05 057

sept-oct 06 035


Ally's Corner said...

Yeah, don't blink because before you know it they will be starting middle school and you will say, "how did that happen"

MEK said...

LOVED the flash BACKs!! They are just too cute

anniebobannie said...

So cute! I have often wondered about your life before the blog! and Hey, ANYTIME you wanna experience those little toddler days, I am happy to give you my kids for awhile! I am just that good of friend!

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

oh my goodness, they were so little and cute! how adorable! :) Just wait till your oldest is turning 11 and is taller than you..then you will that the years fly by way too fast! i wish we could keep them little and innocent a lot longer!

Maecy said...

You really make the cutest girls ever! Maybe I need a bout of insomnia to get me not to suck at stuff!

Janet said...

Mind, what memories! Love all of them. Boy, you are right about not blinking, where did my little ones go that I get so homesick for... lucky for me they gave me grandchildren. (Love the lion-king rock) Love you

Jocelyn said...

Ok, your post totally had me crying again!!! (go read my post and you will totally know why) How do they grow up so fast?

Julie said...

Love the pictures! They are growing so fast. This is a good reminder to enjoy every moment.

mandi said...

So sweet. I need to do the same thing. Only mine are all on my computer - Any guesses on how incredibly my computer is these days? Yeah.

Bonnie said...

These are so precious. Thanks for sharing!