Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"you know..."

i had to jot down this sweet moment that happened this morning when it was just me and peyton..
we were getting breakfast ready, she was being so sweet!  quietly playing dolls, being the sweetheart she is, i asked her if she wanted to bless the food.
now the kid has some fun prayers, i gotta say.
she prays about everything exciting that has happened since she can remember, and she prays for everything that will happen in the near future.
here's an example list:
- halloween
- trick or treating
- her desired costume (bo peep, again)
- christmas
- a new movie (or old one), she usually adds a favorite part or funny line.
- everything that has happened so far in the day (she told Heavenly Father about playing dolls this morning).
- lake powell
- disneyland
- if someone has offended her (name that sister!!)
today, the most anticipated activity was going out to grammie's to play with cousins and have a "water day".  water day usually consists of lunch, grammie's blow-up pool, shallow pool, sprinklers, and slip'n slide.  lunch is always included, cause grilled cheese and peanut butter always taste better when grammie makes it...  even i can admit that!
she was so excited about the day she had to pray about it, of course!  i love that she has this special relationship with her Heavenly Father already, a relationship where she feels like she can tell Him about anything and everything.  i hope she never loses that connection..
well, she was so excited with everything that was going to transpire in her little life this day that she started to jumble her words, literally tripping over them with her excitement.  she stopped, took a breath, and said with a little sigh attached, "you know..."
just that simple little bit taught me a huge lesson. 
He does know.
He knows the good, the bad, the exciting, the stressful, the sad.  the crazily happy and excruciatingly exciting!!!
He still wants us to come and tell Him.  if there aren't words, He will understand.  the key is to still go to Him.  it feels so good to know that He knows.  such a comfort.
i find that sometimes i gloss over what i think might just be the same-old same-old when it comes to me.  i know that He knows, that He is aware, but i should still communicate my feelings to Him.
i can think of many times where my prayers were more tears than talking.  i have felt comfort because i know He knows.
it was just the perfect reminder for this time in my life.  we are having lots of fun this summer, we aren't stress free (at all!!) but i can receive help and comfort when i communicate with Him.
such a sweet little girl!  i am so thankful to be her mother, to have her teach me so many things.


Ally's Corner said...

Got to love those babies they remind us of things....

grumpy said...
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Gramee said...

I love reading these posts.

love love!

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I love this! I needed to read this today!

Bonnie said...

What a sweet post! Thank you for sharing!

Janet said...

And what a great mom you are for teaching your daughters who Heavenly Father is.

Veronica Cleverly said...

That is so sweet! Peyton is such a doll! I got a kick out of her when I went to nursery when I did singing time in primary on the 4th.

kdance10 said...

Jace is into this exact thing, he fights everyone to say the prayer. If it's someone elses turn he has to say one right after that lol. I miss reading your blog, i got to read about 4 posts back to catch up. I love the pictures of the girls in the water with the tubes, fun pictures.