Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 15.

Today I find myself thankful for so many things!  I seem to find more and more every day..  just one side effect of looking at life this way I guess.

- Merrill has a job.  It’s a job that keeps him busy, but it’s close, and it’s regular.  He is close to home, so on those nights when he gets to pull the midnight shift, he’s not that far away.  It’s also quite the perk to show up with lunch and eat with him, like we did today.

- Family time.  Tonight we had FHE, a lesson on what else, Gratitude.  Peyton started off the evening by giving the opening prayer, it was Ashley’s assignment, but she was being Ashley, and Peyton was quick to fill in.  Her prayers are so sweet!  Peyton was in charge of our song.  She chose, “I am a Child of God”, stood in front of us, raised her arm in the air, and started to sing, and lead us in her own little way.  So cute.  I found myself so thankful in that moment for her wonderful nursery teachers, and an incredible song leader, who have obviously taught her well.  We had a naked turkey in the house, and we needed to help him out.  I prepared paper feathers for us to write things that we are thankful for on, then stick them in our turkey.  I cut out only a few for the poor guy, which we appropriately named “Ham” (per Ashley’s suggestion).  Soon, all the feathers were full, I needed to cut out more.  It was also pretty awesome to know that Peyton was really listening and got it.  When I asked her to tell me something she was thankful for, she replied, “Parents”.  We got quite the variety of blessings, we could have gone on.  After that, we enjoyed a little drive.  It is such a blessing to have this time set aside, nothing else to do but to be together!

- I am thankful for my girls’ sense of humor.  To hear them giggle.  Ashley and Peyton were watching a movie, and one of the animated characters was a little hefty.  They started laughing so hard, saying he had “man boobs”.  I have no idea where they even heard that term (unless they’ve been hanging out with uncle Kev…) but had to laugh at their laughter.  Ashley was tired at the end of our day, playing with the dwarfs from the Snow White playset, she mixed Sleepy and Sneezy’s names to get Sleezy.  To see her face when she realized what she said was not right, too funny.  Another sweet giggle!


anniebobannie said...

So sweet! Ava just started praying and it is the CUTEST thing ever! We do something similar to the thankful turkey and I love to hear the things she comes up with. (Dora, popsicles etc.)

Rachael said...

F.H.E.'s are awesome! The turkey's a good idea. The name too. That sounds like a good idea for next month too.

Bonnie said...

I love when you write about your FHE's. Gives me good ideas and I look forward to when my kids are that age and we really can get into FHE!