Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 26.

I am thankful for the day off today!

We spent it home, as a family.  We got out all of the Christmas decorations, put them up and put up the tree as well.

I am thankful that only one ornament was lost to the hardwood floor.  Peyton didn’t really believe me when I told her that certain things were fragile. 

Besides Ash and Pey having twin coughs, that drove me nuts, it was a great day spent together.

I am thankful to a thoughtful friend who snagged me some black Friday goods, knowing how I treasure my sleep (that and the fact that Merrill had to work last night so we wouldn’t be going out..), and also knowing of some things I have been eyeballing…  she saved me about $50.  (Love you!)

I am also thankful for the leftovers we got to munch on.

I am thankful for Merrill, being home, and being so willing to run out and get things from the store when I need them (sometimes it’s just a little caffeine!), without complaint.

I am thankful for the feeling in our home, I look forward to the coming weeks, that same feeling, and the building of anticipation for the little girls who live here and are already quite excited.

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