Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 9.

I had a moment tonight.

I have been painting.  It seems like I do this whenever Merrill leaves on business.  I needed more paint (sigh..  three coats, really?) and went out in the evening after homework was finished and two of the three girlies were in PJs.  We all ventured out to Home Depot to get the paint, with the bribe that if they were good (i.e. not complaining or bugging each other) that we could stop and get a treat on the way home.

We got the paint.

Peyton pulled Ashley’s hair a couple of times, but that was because Ashley kept putting her face in Peyton’s and, well, was bugging her.

(I am such a sucker though..  they still got their frosties.)

On our way home, I was listening to the girls sing along with the CD I had on.  I love to hear them all sing!  It is so sweet to especially hear Peyton.  I was thankful to be in that moment after the day of what seemed like everything not going the way I planned (or wanted it to), but to have that pleasure, that happiness.  I was soaking in that moment, when the guy in the lane next to me, starts to merge over into me.  I was quick (thanks to the singing keeping me alert and not too distracted) and moved over too, thinking, “He’ll see me and jerk back into his lane.” 

And yes, it was a “HE” so for the males in my life who talk all about “horrible women drivers”, this guy was a real piece of work. 

He didn’t stop.  He didn’t jerk back into his lane.  He just kept going.

He left me, on the side of the road, laying on my horn and calling him a moron.  (Like he could hear me.)

He went on his way to Best Burger.  He must have been really hungry…

I calmed down a bit, and we continued on our way.  The girls were a little freaked out.  The singing stopped and the questions began.

As I tried to explain to them what had happened, Lynn started drawing her own conclusions.

I was thankful that she said what I was thinking; one, so I could laugh, and two, so the temptation was removed for me to say it.

“Wow!  Either that guy was a horrible driver if he didn’t know you were there or a stupid driver to not care if you were there!”

I had to agree, I was thinking it.

After that, she said, “We were really blessed.”

That was when it hit me.

We were blessed.

Not only were we safe, left unscathed after our little incident, but there were no inconveniences caused to us by his actions.  It would have made life that much more interesting while Merrill is away, to be without our family car.  To have that stress…

It was a blessing that the girls singing had me in a good mood, alert, ready for what happened.

(Can I say that the singing also caused the lift in my mood and also helped me to not curse aloud at the guy?  Or will my mom tell me to behave…)

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