Monday, November 1, 2010

Enjoying the weather.

Merrill took a couple of half days last week, and we took full advantage of them.
Friday, we went for a hike.
My friend and her family recently did a hike that is just up the street from us, and thought that would be the perfect hike for our little family and the little time we had to enjoy the weather.
We started off with a little drive to the trail head.  It was hilarious to see Ashley’s expression, she was afraid even then!  We got her to chill a bit, and then started on our way.
Soon, we were above it all, and the girls loved that they could see so much.
The “U” didn’t seem too far..
Peyton was so tough!  She walked most of the way herself, but still needed help.
Then when we decided to go straight up the mountain to get to the “U”, she hitched a ride on Merrill’s back.  We took turns helping her and carrying her.
The girls thought it was funny to see “cacti-us-es”, as Lynn called them.
And then we were there!  Lynn was so proud to be #1 to the “U”, Ash a close #2.
Peyton was just proud to be there.
The view from the “U”…
u-8 u-9
I thought I had spotted an easier way down.
It ended up being a “Gilligan tour”.  The girls thought they would for sure die.  But we didn’t!  It just took a little longer, and we definitely got to see more.
Peyton conquered another rock..
It was quite the memory-maker and we can’t wait to do another hike.
Maybe I can get them all to the top of Ben Lomand…  I have done this and it is pretty incredible!


Ally's Corner said...

How beautiful!

BookwormMom said...

I want to come when you hike Ben Lomond!!!

That's something I've always wanted to do, and never had the opportunity!

Jocelyn said...

Ok, that looks like a super fun hike! What a great day for pictures too:-)