Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 5.

We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have. ~Frederick Keonig

My dear friend Ally, posted this on her Facebook page and I loved it.

Isn’t it a statement of truth?

It is to me.

There is nothing harder in life, than to wallow in our own sadness and misery.  It is that much harder when those around you are following the same practice, and dragging you down even further. 

That being said, isn’t it so much easier when you try to embody a positive attitude?  Try to keep yourself lifted and above all the muck, to lift those around you?

I am not going to profess that I am perfect (because I am FAR from it), but everyday I try to be a better person.  I start each and every day with focusing on the positive. 

Sometimes events take place throughout the day where I will wish for something that might make life easier, or will make me happier (I think..), but the day is much easier if I am happy, positive, and thankful for what I DO have.

I am thankful to be surrounded by positive, happy, caring people.  They too, have their down days, but don’t we all?  I try to focus on lifting those around me.  Heaven knows they do it for me when I need it! 

Those who are perpetually negative don’t have a place in my every day world.  I can be friendly and uplifting when circumstances find us together, but that is a poison I do not keep in my area of the universe.  I will avoid it.

There are days when I truly believe that life will be easier or that I will be happier if I had A, B, and C.  But the truth of it is, if I get that, life goes on, and soon another shiny object gets my attention.  When I know what really matters, what will really make me happy, when I am happy about those things, I am happy.

We need to find our happiness now, not wait for something to happen, for someone or something to become a part of our life.  If we can do this, we will be happy no matter what.

(Thanks Ally for sharing that quote!  Love ya girl!!)


Ally's Corner said...

Having to remind myself of this, one reason I posted it. Glad you liked it. Love you too girlfriend!!!

anniebobannie said...

You know I agree with this. I am so grateful for you and I am in SERIOUS need of some Mindy time!!! Let me know when I can have some and I will bring TREATS!!!

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I think you have been inspired to write this! I seriously needed to hear this today! Thank you.