Sunday, February 13, 2011


Can ANYBODY fill me in on exactly where the last three years have gone?!


I am sure I have been loving every minute of it..

P.S. You can for sure see more later..  maybe tomorrow?


MEK said...

She is pretty adorable!!!

T-Fam said...

Happy Birthday yesterday Peyton!! I have no idea where it has gone either. I can't believe that she is three and in a month and a half Desi will be too. It just way too fast!!

The Anderson's said...

She is beautiful! What a gorgeous little girl. How about when Zack and Peyton are a little older we introduce them :) I love this pic of her too.

Annie said...

I'm so glad you are blogging again (even if I never blog myself, I enjoy reading your blog)...

Peyton is so beautiful!!! I can't believe she is three. I also love the outfit you made her. You always find the cutest fabrics:) Where do buy them?

I love that blue chair too (I guess I just love everything about the picture).