Saturday, February 19, 2011

Can it really be?!

That you are really 3?!

It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that you first came to us, all face-up in the early morning hours, making life that much more exciting from the get-go.
I look back on those days leading up to your birth, and I try to re-live every detail.  They were such wonderful, exciting days.
These days are exciting too.  What with a three year old in the house.

In you, I have a mom in training.  You help to crack the whip when it comes to other people who live here.  You help me to keep them in line.  You are my cleaning sidekick.  I feel bad sometimes, I wonder if I am ruining you.  What three year old out there even notices when the glass needs to be cleaned or the tiny piece of thread in the carpet that needs to find it’s way to the garbage can?
But let’s face it..  everything is so perfectly perfect about you.

Your heart-shaped tongue.

Your goofy little personality.

Your lady-like side, when you want to show it off.

The fact that you love your cowgirl boots.

You love your sisters.  I love that you immediately went to share your three ring pops that Julie gifted you in honor of your third birthday with them.
I know that you won’t be three forever, I know that your tastes will mature, that you probably won’t love “Toy Story” everything forever, so I embrace the three year old you, enjoying every minute of it.

Even the finger-sucking.  But can we have a serious talk about nixing that little habit?
Love you Peyton…

P.S.  Sorry about putting your hair in a messy bun purposefully on the opposite side from where you twirl while you suck those fingers.  It was kinda entertaining watching you try to get around that obstacle.


Ally's Corner said...

Oh my I remember I found you when you were pregnant with her. Alana twirls her hair while sucking her thumb to funny!! Hope she has a great birthday!!!

anniebobannie said...

She is the sweetest thing! Happy
3rd Birthday Peyton!!!

kdance10 said...

Happy birthday peyton. wow 3!! I love the cake, jace is so very much into toy story everything too:)

B said...

Happy B-day Peyton!