Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shall we laugh?

Despite the “funk” I've been in, the kids are still hamming it up good around here.


The other day, after Ashley did something she thought was quite obvious, Peyton asked her a follow-up question,  Ashley thought the answer was quite apparent and replied, “Are you blind?”.

Peyton answered, “NO!  I’m Peyton!”


Tonight Peyton came up to me and said, “Mom, I’m just a superhero you know…”

Completely out of the blue and darling as can be it was…


Lynn has been a real bookworm lately.

To prove just how into books she is, she reads them while she walks home.

How would I know this odd fact?

While we were eagerly awaiting her arrival at the end of the day, watching for her out of the '”eagle’s nest” (loft window), there she appeared at the end of the fence, nose in a book.

She has been reading a verse of the Old Testament every day, and proudly marks it off on her reading list.  She also colors the heck out of every verse she reads.  After showing her my first set of scriptures, she still does it.  I thought that massacre with a hot pink highlighter would really speak to her, you know?  But it really didn’t.  Surprisingly.

She also find Ramona quite humorous.  Especially when she throws up at school.  I love to hear her giggle when she reads.


Merrill and I have been hard at work, trying to establish some great exercising habits, and little Peyton is right there with us.  Her jumping jacks are adorable, and she can do static lunge curls like a rock star.  The best is when she grunts doing crunches.  But I love it the most when she cheers us on, telling us that we are doing such a good job.


As we read the scriptures together for FHE, we always do a re-cap of what we have studied the previous week.  Peyton always goes off on some story about Nephi really being a princess, and traveling in a carriage.  She gets really into her plots.  It is quite cute.


Ashley is slowly coming out of her shell in school.  It is a relief to see her actually speak out loud and interact with the other kids, and her teacher especially.  Today in her class, they were discussing the “sp” blend.  The teacher asked them to share words that they could think of that start with that blend.  Ashley turned around to me and whispered. “Like spare?”  I nodded and told her to raise her hand and say it.  She turned back around and then turned to me again, that look in her eyes.  I nodded at her, she turned around and raised her hand!!!  Her teacher saw her, eyes grew wide, and she exclaimed, “Ashley!?”  and guess what?

She said it.

Out. Loud.

Miracle of holy miracles!

She also got a beaming report from her teacher at parent teacher conferences today.  I was thanked repeatedly for having such a great little girl.  She may not talk out loud, but she is pretty dang good.

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Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

yeah for Ashley! I have a shy gal in my family too, it's so hard to watch her just want her to open up and be brave and show the world how great she is! She is slowly coming out of her shell, so it small step at a giant leap for us moms! :)