Monday, February 21, 2011

Ashley: my future cowgirl.

This is Ashley:

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She wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up.

How do I know?

Well, first of all, I am her mother.

And B, she told me.

A little background on Ash, she was born via emergency cesarean section. 

Some people aren’t so hot on them, I loved it.

(Besides all the worry and the unknown aspects of it.)

It wasn’t so bad not having to deal with sitting on sore spots during that post-partum recovery period.  The entire recovery wasn’t too shabby.

She, is freaked out by the whole notion.

She also thinks it (i.e. the c-section) will be genetic, for some reason.  She is slightly fearful of bearing her own offspring for this reason.

So, to add to that train of thinking, we also told our girls that kissing leads to babies.  (Well it does..)  So kissing is out of the question for Ashley.

She also understands that there is to be NO kissing, until she is married.

Now, to get to the cowgirl part of this..  kind of..  she has a best friend named Jessie.  She only talks when you pull a string that comes from her back, but according to Ash, she is the best friend ever.  I think she likes her a bit.  I believe that is where part of the recent love for cowgirls has come from.

Now we get to the other night.

We were watching “The Princess Diaries” as a family, and at the end, just as the girl is about to get her guy, and the kissing begins, Ash lets us all know how disgusted she is.

“EWWWWW!!  Kissing is GROSS…”

“Good.  You need to think that way for a couple more decades.  Remember, you don’t get to kiss ANYONE until you are married.”

“I’m not going to get married.  When I grow up, I am going to be a cowgirl.  Cowgirls don’t get married, they don’t kiss, and they don’t have babies.  If I have a baby, it might have to get cut out of my stomach.  So I am going to be a cowgirl.”

Sounds reasonable.  Doesn’t it?

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BookwormMom said...

That girl...:)

This post got me all teary because I remember when I had no intentions of becoming a mother, and now thinking about the 3 precious babies I birthed, and the blessing they (mostly) are...

At least as a grown up I know she'll probably change her mind!