Friday, February 11, 2011

A rebirth of sorts.

Three years ago, sleep was a novelty.  It was for good reason though.  My body was nearing it’s time to birth a baby, a small, new person, to usher them into this world.  There was not time for sleep!  There was too much excitement and anticipation to be enjoyed to sleep.  Sleep?  Absurd.
I would sit awake.  Folding laundry one night, paying bills another night.  Certain that on that “one” night, the contractions were going to fade away, just as they had every other night, and I would find a little bit of sleep.
But sleep didn’t come.  The contractions came faster and harder, and I knew this was the real deal.  Peyton entered into this world two short hours after that.
I look at my life now..
Mostly filled with anticipation and excitement.  Sometimes joy, sometimes pain.  Always trying to find just who I am.  Who I need to be.
I thought it would be the “right thing” to let this blog go, to move on, but it isn’t right.
After prayer, counsel with my dear husband, my parents, good friends, fasting, more prayer, a father’s blessing, and another talk with the dear husband, it has been decided that this dear blog shall be re-born.
Don’t be surprised if you see some changes..
There will be some “landscaping” done ‘round these parts.  Some posts might go MIA.  I am sure my posterity will not know what to do if they know not what the contents of my purse were the summer that was 2008.
I have made dear friends here, have gotten better acquainted with other friends and neighbors.  I hope to pick up where I left off.
If there are some that choose not to read, feelings will not be hurt on my part.  I hope that if I hurt the feelings of others, there can be understanding found.
I have missed a great big positive note in my life this last little while.  I need to get that back in whole, not just glimpses.  Recording the happiness in life, the blessings I know and so thoroughly enjoy, my experiences as both a mother and a homemaker, and who I am as a child of God is what this is all about. 
So hopefully with this particular rebirth, I can find my sleep again.  Hopefully those sometimes painful, sleepless nights can turn into peaceful ones.
I am slowly getting “me” back, and it feels good.