Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I was the most awesome mom yesterday..

But there might be some who beg to differ.

I shall give you both sides.

I decided to release my children from their prison of a home for a venture out to Grammie’s house. (+10)

Cousins were present. (+5)

I stayed. (-9)

I made pizza. (+8)

In the event of making the dough, I attempted to be the cool aunt and have one of the “littles” sit on the counter to “help” sorta like I do at my own home. (+5)

In the process, said “little” got a pen and a little letter opener.  Guess which one cut the tip of her finger? (-12)

Bribed the poor thing to like me again with pepperoni and black olives. (+5)

Then she remembered the band aid on her left hand.(-8)

I tried again to be the cool aunt/mom and played monster with the middles. (+7)

The youngest of the bunch ended up either a) getting the pee scared out of her or b) run over.  I am not sure, I was at the back of the pack of screaming and stampeding children. (-10)

I made my kids clean up so we could leave. (-20 on the kid side of it +20 on the Grammie side of it.)

I allowed the children to watch “Peter Pan” (story to come on this one later..) in the car on the way home. (+6)

When we arrived home, I really wanted something chocolate covered for dinner (see previous post about ovulating and then figure in the amount of estrogen coursing through my body and it makes sense).  So I decided to convince Merrill that Farr’s Fresh would be a great dinner choice.

(It didn’t take much convincing.)

Ice cream + toppings for dinner = 30 points gained.

Turning down the idea for Papa John’s for “dessert” took me down another 10 points.

Keeping the FHE lesson short and to the point won me points with everyone. (+15)

We then had popcorn and watched a family-style flick. I even let the girls stay up a little later than bedtime. (+15)

Later, like in wee hours of the morning, I let Peyton come climb in my warm and oh, so comfortable bed where she promptly fell asleep, again.  (+12)

Left my warm and oh, so very comfortable bed to go sleep with Ashley so she wouldn’t be scared in the middle of the night. (+10)

See, I think I did pretty well.

I really don’t know how it all adds up.  I am just hoping that the ice cream for dinner won it all for me.


Jocelyn said...

this was too funny!! I love the point factor:-) and yes, you are an awesome mom!!!!!

Amber said...

You're up 59 to 79 points, depending on whether you add or subtract 20 for the cleaning. :) Even without the point proof, I know you're an excellent mom.

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

You are a very good mom! sariah told me the other day that I was the "best mom" to which I replied that I didn't know about being the best, but I am a good mom..and then she said "yeah, maybe you aren't the best mom, but you are a good one I suppose" yep. :) Glad to see you are back on this blog! I've been checking the other one and have been missing out! So catching up! :)