Saturday, February 19, 2011

If google were a human..

If Google were a human, I am quite sure it would be a man.
(Google's Blogger seems to have some issues, just a few.)
If Google (most specifically Blogger) were a human male, I would find the most tender spot on his person, give it a good swift kick or two, and the scream at the top of my lungs at him!
Just a few issues here with the re-model, the catch-up...
Thanks Blogger for giving me a space to post what I think (even when it is about you and not so nice).
That is all for now...

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B said...

:) Google became my enemy for a while, good point that we should just be thankful its all very free. This is from Bon, I just am trying incognito on my profile right now, still trying to figure it all out - I am sure you know how that is.