Monday, February 28, 2011

Our little “Town Crier”.

There has been a lot of holding going on around here.  What with Peyton not feeling too well and all. 

She gets held a lot, and I still have to do my      job(s).  She, and the box of Kleenex, seem to be new appendages to me.  I have thought about just letting her tough it out, sit on the couch and snuggle up with a blanket and a good movie, so I can get along, unencumbered.  But really, how long will she be this small and actually want me to comfort her?  I need to eat it up, right?  What else is really more important?  So I hold her. 

I hold her while I bake, clean, type, scrapbook, sew, read to her (or to myself), watch a movie, watch Curious George 64 times (and the same episode at that!), do the dishes, help the girls with their homework… etc.  I do things as they need to be done, like when the situation with the number of clean spoons in the house is getting quite desperate.  That happens a lot, with the amount of cereal, chocolate milk, and oh, don’t let me forget the mean streak we are on with tomato soup.  But most of the time we ae sitting and snuggling.

Peyton has gotten quite comfortable perched on my hip.  She has also become very familiar with my upper body.

Multiple times a day, I receive an update on the number of boobs I have.

“Mommy, you have one (point at righty) and two (point at lefty) boobs.”

“I am glad to know they are still there.  Thank you.”

“They are big boobs mommy.”

“Well that is more Victoria’s Secret than me.”

“I like them.”  She adds a little pat.

“Thank you Peyton.”

One time, after she again took inventory of my front lumps, I blew her mind.

She finished informing me about the current state of my chest and I told her, “You have two boobs, too.”

She looked down at her flat little chest in amazement.  Then back up to me.

“They are there, they are just small.  They are little Peyton boobs.”

She patted her chest.  “Yup, I have little Peyton boobs!”

So our time together, holding and what not, has given me a little “town crier” of sorts.

“Mom has two boobs and all is weeeellll!”

That is not all that she has given me, she usually leaves a snot streak on my shoulder, just to make sure that I will not forget our time spent together.


B said...

What a funny girl. Loving the hilarious posts!

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

oh boy, little girls! Love it! :)

anniebobannie said...

soo Funny!

BookwormMom said...

That's just great.....

Having a daughter after 2 sons, it amazes me that she notices those types of things in me...(the boys always seemed oblivious).

mandi said...

Okay, for who knows what reason I honestly had thought you stopped blogging here. I clicked your profile so I could ask you if you have a rainbow vacuum or if you love another and found out you're still here. Hmm. Anyways, I could go back and tell you how witty and amazing you are, but I'll just tell you that I've been laughing out loud for the past 15-20 min and I really needed it. So thank you. Really.

Mindy said...

Oh Mandi, I did! Then I realized that I have to be myself, I can't run away if there are people who don't like me. Hard lesson, but I'm back for good!
Glad I could provide a laugh. :)

mandi said...

I guess I'm going to have to read back a bit more... was someone mean to you? That just isn't cool. I wondered if something had happened.