Friday, February 18, 2011

If playing “catch-up” were an Olympic event, I’d be a gold medal contender.

Fur-real ya’ll.

I suddenly have a huge amount of energy to do all that I have been either a) putting off or 2) being too scared to do.

As for the motivator, it’s either lots and lots of prayers, or the bribe I give myself of coke (be it diet or regular) plus a sugary concoction of vanilla syrup.  It moves me.  It really, really does. 

I am now feeling the urge to blog all that I have so lamely NOT blogged, and even feeling the excitement of making things new, and well, for lack of better wording, more exciting (!). 

I might just even get those pix edited that I took last fall.  There are some cute ones just waiting to be shared I tells ya.

So much has happened in the last couple of months, not all of it interesting or anything, but some stuff has happened and I should probably mention it so other people who live round here can enjoy it someday, reminisce, laugh a bit, remember.  Maybe even learn a thing or two.

Mostly I am just elated to be feeling like myself again.  All that jazz.

Now I just need to let go that my December photo a day is not perfect and I should move on..

Maybe another vanilla coke will aid in that venture…  chocolate-covered gummy bears too?

Wow..  here comes a rush of motivation!


BookwormMom said...

I don't think we ever really "catch up"...

In my world, I settle for not drowning ;)

I have some vanilla syrup I should bring you...I don't love it with my Diet Pepsi, and Cole's avoiding soda (as it's one of his hardest things)

Jocelyn said...

I really LOVE your new blog design...did you do it??? If so I am impressed:-) Maybe you can teach me???

B said...


Amber said...

I have missed you SO MUCH! Today when I logged in to blogger and saw that you had updated I was very vocal in my happiness... My neighbors now know that you're back as well. I'm glad you're feeling such energy and excitement for life. :)