Wednesday, November 19, 2008

8's tag...

8 places I like to eat...
-El Matador
-Texas Roadhouse
-Olive Garden
-Arctic Circle

8 shows I like to watch on TV...
-First 48
-Baby Story (but I try no to watch it...)
-Word Girl
-Word World

8 things that happened yesterday...
-sewed about 9 pillow case dresses with Darlene :)
-made a huge pot of homemade chicken noodle soup.
-ate jellybeans
-prayed for my friends
-read to my girls
-held Peyton on my lap while Merrill gave her a blessing
-bought 3 Christmas presents

8 things I love about fall...
-comfort food
-dark earlier
-cool weather
-all the colors on the mountain
-getting new family pics
-memories... reminds me of having newborns in the house... Lynn and Ash were both fall babies.
-um.. birthday cakes, to go with those fall birthdays!

8 things on my wish list (no order here)...
-find time to scrap
-family's happiness and well-being
-friends happiness and well-being
-snow!!! (yes, I said it... bring it on!)
-more time!!!
-laundry would fold itself.
-my savings account to grow overnight...
-to have photoshop...

8 people I am tagging...
-Sarah (it can double as grateful too..)
-Nathan (DO IT!!!)


Rachael said...

Ok I done did it. I must have to much time on my hands to be able to do so many posts so often.

Platt Family said...

Hey, I keep forgetting to ask you to e-mail me your e-mail address. I am making my blog private, so send it to Thanks!