Friday, November 21, 2008

Had to share...

I just balanced my checkbook after neglecting it for a long long while... I found some suspicious charges. So I set to work, calling the number listed with the charges. Thick accented woman answers the phone saying the name of the service the number was attached to. At that point, I began having her spell things to me, just to make sure I had it all right. Here's a sample of our conversation, sorry, you'll have to imagine your own heavy accent.
Me- First of all, I gave her my name... "These charges were not made by me but were with my card. You need to refund them and I demand to know who made them."
Her- "You'll have to give me the card number in question so I can know what you are talking about."
Me- "What's your name?"
Her- "Blah-da-de-blah-blah-so and so (in that heavy accent mind you)..."
Me- "I am not giving you my card number until you tell me more information. I won't give you my card number until you agree to refund any and all unauthorized amounts. I need to know what business I am dealing with."
Her- "I show that the PREMIUM ADULT WEBSITE MEMBERSHIP was opened with the name (my name...) and the account e-mail address is........"
I got the e-mail address!!!
Can you say some friendly harassment? I am so giddy to see if this perv responds to my fake e-mail... I should really be more Christlike and turn the other cheek, but this is too much fun.
I also called my bank, filed a fraud report, closed the card, opened a special new online only purchases account, and might have to file a police report... oh, and get this, I found 3 charges, but even after I told them to close the online account, back when I was talking to accent lady, another charge popped-up while I was on the phone with the bank... what a DB!
Exciting stuff!
So go balance your checkbook!


BookwormMom said...

You poor girl!! Let me know if you need help with any of the red my former life, I used to supervise a fraud unit for a few credit cards!

jaclyn said...

same thing happened to me last year... but it was a $300 charge to a place that advertises your website... like google or something like that... except I blamed it on Austin (blush)

Brooke said...

ok... that comment from jackie was really from me. OOPS! I was helping her make a new background on blogger so I was signed in on her account when I left the comment. ha! that's funny... Sorry jackie...