Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just another day...

Woke up this morning after having nothing but Obama dreams.. I woke up, not wondering if it was real, but remembering the night before; witnessing history. No staying up late, watching the returns come in, wondering who will eek away with a lead.. no. That was decided pretty early on in the evening. Months ago, really...
I must say, that both candidates speeches were very eloquent and gracious.
I somehow feel hope.
But on to fun stuff...
We spent the afternoon at mom's. Catching up, crocheting/knitting, and laughing.
I am so thankful to have my mom! I have realized lately, that everything I do, is either something my mom has taught me, or something that she, my grandma, and I would do together. Sewing Lynn's costume, with Grandma's machine, I felt like she was there, reminding me to take out the straight pins before they passed under the presser foot ;)... While I crochet, with her hooks, I remember her teaching me how to hold them so my hand wouldn't cramp.
I miss her.
But I am so thankful that my girls and I still have my mom, their grandma, who can teach them the same things.
Grandpa said such a sweet prayer over dinner as we were getting ready to leave. His voice is so sincere and tender.. I can't help but think of how much he misses Grandma too. He prayed for all of his children and grand-children. He prayed for us to be safe as we drove home. I love my Grandpa!
Ashley and I had an interesting exchange today while picking up a few groceries...
It involved her favorite word as of late...
We were picking out bananas.
Me: "Ash, you have a banana ear..."
Ash: "Mom, you have a banana nose.."
Me: "You have a banana mustache..." (There was an old cowboy walking past with a good looking mustache...)
Ash: (Now brace yourself...) "You have a banana ASS..."
Me: "Ash! (Trying not to laugh...) We don't say that word!"
Ash: "But mom, everyone has an ASS..."
Me: (Still trying not to laugh...) "We still don't say it."
Ash: "Why?"
Me: "Because if any of these people heard you say that, they would know that I am a bad mom..."
Ash: "Then the police would come and under-arrest you, huh?"
Now what would Grandma think of that?


Ally0005 said...

I remember when Anna was little she would say one bad word. Then one day she said it in front of a neighbor we just met. It was so embarrassing.

Natalie said...

How does she know that everyone has an ass? what a crack up!! I told you that I love posts with swear words...THANKS ASHLEY!!!

Randee Mayes said...

Love that Ash!!! and I'm so glad that your mom is around too. She truly is an amazing lady, love her to death. I'm jealous of all your projects you have're amazing Mind!!

Jenny said...

Too funny! Watch out Mindy....she's not even that old yet!

Jamie said...

I think we all have those moments with our kids! Too cute!

Promise said...

Mind...I miss grandma too. There was a day a month or so was just when autumn was coming on and I could smell it in the air...I thought of her so much that day..I miss her! I love papa Wallace too...he is so gentle and loving...I dont know how we couldn't love him.

As for your mom..I truly consider her to be my mom too! I love her and dont know what I would do with out her. She is so strong and loving...such a wonderful example.
OK...I have taken too much room. Thanks for helping me remember them all today!