Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I am so happy that this whole circus will soon come to an end, for a few years anyway...
I have avoided blogging about this.. friends and politics usually don't mix... but this is my journal...
So this is one of "those" moments..
It is a bit surreal how times are. What morals and values are on attack, what seems crazy, but I believe should be the norm. As I went to vote today, I felt it all come to the surface again. I have felt the importance of this particular election, and have been what the media calls, "an undecided moron"... I honestly have been pondering the choice I made today for quite a while. I've been praying and discussing the choice at hand with people I trust, and look up to.
I nearly cried standing at that machine thinking, here it is... listening to Peyton and Ashley giggle behind me as I stared at that screen, I prayed yet again, to make the best decision.
All I can say, is the right people's names were not on that screen.
I can't wait for it to all be over.
The funny aspect, is remembering how today seemed so far away just 9 months ago. I was prego with Pey, voting at the primary, and slipping and falling on the ice... four years ago, Ash was our newborn. We stayed up watching the returns come in. Hoping for better with our baby then.
Now we still hope.
And pray, a lot.
Funny to think that in the 2020 election, Lynn will be off, just by a little bit, in her first opportunity to vote in a presidential election. That freaks Merrill out, to think of his little girl being that old...
I was organizing the last months pics, burning them all to a CD and deciding which ones were scrap worthy... I found these:
Peyton's favorite place to hang while I blog. It does cause some problems every now and then, cords get pulled, posts disappear... thank heavens for blogger's auto save!
And this one is from today...
This is her new grin... she shares it with us when she knows she's doing something extra silly.
Ashley proved, yet again, that she is my child too... after dinner, which she ate almost all of the black olives (which Merrill is NOT a fan of) she drank the olive juice straight from the can! My girl!

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Ally0005 said...

I so agree with you here Min.
All I can say, is the right people's names were not on that screen.