Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It is official... Peyton is teething.
Runny nose... check.
Foul smelling poop... check.
Ornery... check.
Biting/chewing on EVERYTHING like a dog... check.
Here's proof of the gumming stuff:
Yes, even in the tub...
Here's a new one...
I tell the girls to go and clean their room, but not to put stuff underneath their beds... so they put stuff in between the mattress... that is some of Barbie's pants, just chillin' in their new home, between the box spring and the mattress... silly girls.
We went and renewed our temple recommends tonight. Thanks Kaitlyn for watching the girls and putting up with an unhappy Peyton... there's just something about that interviewing process that makes me want to sing my testimony from the highest roof top! The Stake offices were packed, with mostly Pitcher clan :) and a surprise visit from newly returned missionaries, The Evertsen's!!!, but it was well worth the wait. What a blessing it is to be able to attend the temple, and to have so many, so close!


Emalee said...

Nice place for pants. :) sorry I freaked you out!! next time I will say all is well :) Hey so when does the hotel open? looks like its almost ready. Oh I am happy you are keeping your blog open. I would never have found you again and get to read that you are still crazy and you are passing it on to the girls :) thanks

TumbleBee said...

I really love your blog I will come on more cuz now i know how!:) BTW i love your kids they are so dang cute!:)even the one with the name CHUBBY!LOL!