Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hi.. my name is chubby...

Look at this kid! She really dislikes this coat. This was a rare moment when it was silly to her, so, I had to capture it! Reminds me of what we used to say as kids... "Hi. My name is chubby..." as we squished our cheeks together to look silly and distort our voices.
We had quite a day today... I'll post about it later.
Had a really good conversation with Jacks today. It is funny how we are on the same page as far as goals and desires for our families. It's also neat to know there are others out there who have similar concerns and struggles.
Things that happen every day, further testify to me, that I have a loving, kind, caring Father in Heaven, who puts people in our paths to uplift us and reaffirm what we already know to be true.


Marietti Family said...

Thanks for your comment on my blogg. You have beautiful girls. What a cute family. Girls are drama. I love em but there is never a dull moment. I'll keep checking your blogg. Stay in touch.

Jamie said...

Love the picture!! It reminds me of my chubby cheek babies!!