Thursday, November 6, 2008

Advent Calendar...

Here's the supply list for those who are interested...
A BIG thanks to the cute lady who thought this one up and posted it on Making Memories Blog last year...

11x17 cookie sheet (other sizes work well too..), the shinier the better, make sure it's not teflon coated, or test a magnet on it
2 12x12 scrapbook papers, pattern is fun!
coordinating papers for your lettering and number 25
calendar grid (I can e-mail this to you... just leave your e-mail address.)
rick-rack or other trim to cover paper seams (about 24 inches)
a 15 inch piece of wire, or you can use ribbon for the hanger part
25 magnets
25 pieces to mark your days
E-3600 craft glue is my fav, but your fav will work too
Fabric Tac glue, a small bottle will be enough
Automotive primer (with the, gray lid, will say automotive primer in white...)
Spray paint, I like satin finish the best

Other helpful supplies:

Drill (to drill holes in your cookie sheet for the hanger)
paper trimmer
corner rounder, or just use scissors
wire cutters
Sizzix or Cricut (You can also use your home computer to print off text, mirrored so it's backwards, onto the wrong side of your paper, and cut it out by hand, or use stickers or rub-ons for your text...)

*Drill your cookie sheet before you do anything!* If you paint it before you drill, it will chip the paint. After holes are drilled, paint it, bottom, or back, side first, with the primer. Get at least two good coats on it, letting it dry well between coats. Turn it over and get a good coat of primer all over, the second coat need only be on the edges, the center will be covered with paper, but needs some primer to help adhere the paper. (I did have a couple of friends who just left it silver, didn't prime or paint, and it still worked out just as well.) Paint it with your choice of spray paint. Follow the same order as priming, bottom or back of cookie sheet, then top.
After it's all dry, you can choose to sand the edges if that's the look you want, or you can leave it.
Trim your papers to fit the bed of the cookie sheet. The top and bottom strips should measure 2 1/2 inches high. The center piece remains 12 inches. Glue down the top and bottom strips first, using the Fabric Tac. Glue down the center piece last to ensure it is centered. Cut rick-rack or ribbon to fit, and glue down, with the Fabric Tac to cover the seams of the papers.
Cut your letters, unless you are using another method.
With the Cricut, I cut "The Days of" in 1 inch height. I cut "Christmas" in 1 1/2 inch height and the number 25 in 2 inch height. Glue down your letters, number, and calendar grid. (I prefer using my Xyron for this, but the Fabric Tac would work well on this too.)
One of the last steps is to get your pieces together and get them numbered and magnets on them! I use the E3600 glue to attach the magnets. You can either go for a collected look (pictured above), where you pretty much raid your scrapbook supply or find trinkets on clearance, and use those as your daily markers. I did a more uniform look, punching out circles of my patterned papers after I printed my numbers on them, and then stuck on a page pebble to add dimension and protection. Feed your wire through the two holes on the cookie sheet, from the back, leaving tails on the front to wrap around the handle. Tie ribbon to the handle.

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