Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3 am-ish...

It's a fun little bug going around, and I have lovingly dubbed it the "3-5 am barf bug".
Sounds like a great time, don't you think?
I have had the pleasure of going the rounds with this bad boy 3 times now, not personally, but with each one of the girls.
Last night was, hopefully, the last bout with it.
Lynn came down with it first, as you might remember.. then Peyton a few nights later.
I was sure that Ash had her bout with it between the oldest and the youngest of my children, but I should have known better.
Her little bout of vomiting was in the later am. Around 9 to be exact. Hers was also more coughing/reactive airway/asthma related.
I was so silly to think that that might have been it.
I was notified of my silliness early this morning, about 3:04 am to be exact, when Ash woke up crying, and coughing.
I tried to dismiss it as just that, a cough, getting her a drink of water and propping her head up better, tucking her back in to bed; but my mind knew this pattern all too well. The timing was no coincidence.
I crawled out of my comfy, warm, soft bed, to get her from her own. As we headed to the loft, I grabbed extra blankets, towels of various sizes, and the febreeze air spray. :)
See, I have a method to this.
We found that nothing was on, except for Disney, and settled in.
Like clockwork, at 3:30, it began.
Just like it did with Lynn and Peyton.
It stopped and resumed various times until the last little bout at 5:30, when Ashley curled up comfortably on the floor (?) with a blanket and slept until a little after 9... just like Lynn and Peyton.
I am hoping that this is it for us. I do know others who have it far worse and am praying for them.. ;)
Bright side: I got some good one-on-one time with little Ash. No one else was there to take my time or attention from her and we enjoyed some funny cartoons on at a ridiculous hour.
Another bright side: I have a very valid excuse to take a nap today. :)


Ally's Corner said...

oh my, I hope everyone is feeling better.


courtneycash said...

Ugh! I've been dealing with the little man for a few days now. The snuggle time at that hour is precious, but yes, a bit ridiculous. No barfing just ear infection. Got antibiotics today. Hope it's done over there.

Julie said...

I think we are all ready for this illness to go away for a very long time. Hope all your girls are feeling better and you got some rest.

Six-Pack Momma said...

It really is strange, isn't it? Hope it's over for you....