Thursday, October 22, 2009


Normally this is me, well, at least this time of the year, when Halloween hasn't yet come or gone, nor has Thanksgiving..
Yet, somehow, retailers are trying to get us in the mood for all things Christmas..
I do love the holiday, don't mistake me, but, I like the ones that precede it equally as well. Let me take my time to enjoy those too!
So normally, I am all Bah-Humbug about the early developments.
The first week of October, while driving down Riverdale's auto row, we noticed one of the many car dealerships had a sign up, reading "Merry Christmas", already.
Merrill and I were both a little bugged.
Okay, more than a little.
Our conversation was consumed by that sign for the remainder of our drive.
I was bugged again today, as I entered Lowe's, fully anticipating scaring Ashley and Peyton with the chained reaper-like character that greets us just after the entrance.
Halloween hasn't even passed yet and they are taking down what they do have, to get the Christmas stuff out...
Yeah, I was bugged.
But then, as I strolled the cart down to the lawn and garden area to find an item, the girls were getting more and more excited over all the fun blow-ups, Peyton kept saying her version of "Ho! Ho! Ho!" which was so cute..
And I started to chill out a bit.
I chilled out so much that I actually slowed my gait, and started to pay attention to what was there.
Then, something caught my eye..
For $4.97.
Even my inner Scrooge couldn't pass up that deal.
So I snatched two. One for each of the lights on either side of the garage. I have to do something out there.. every bribe, or guilt trip I try to put on Merrill to hang lights from our very visible house don't seem to have any kind of effect on the man. Telling him that the neighbors do it, we should too doesn't help..
Maybe he's really the Scrooge. ;)
So I blame it on my inner crazy bargain lady.
But I broke one of my own rules today..
I bought a Christmas decoration during my self-set blackout dates.


Sunshine and Lazy days said...

Ah Mindy, I am shocked! shocked! ;) actually getting a good deal this early before Christmas, have to give you props for that!

kdance10 said...

I agree with you. I swear every year it gets sooner & sooner. I love christams tons but like you said at least let us have fun with halloween:)

Ally's Corner said...

It's happening here as well.
But I'm crazy because I Christmas shop in Oct, why because I want to enjoy the season and I hate the madness and crowds. I have already asked the girls what they want for Christmas so I can get it out of my face.
That is the planner in me! Being a planner is not always a good thing trust me.


Bonnie said...

Yeah, my husband is the outside lights procrastinator. He procrastinates enough that they don't quite get put up...ever. My neighbor had amazing lights and when I asked her about them she pointedly let me know that SHE does them! Maybe there is a Youtube video for us...

Julie said...

I too wish we could give each holiday its own time to be celebrated. The wreaths are going to look great though.

Nathan said...'ll hate me. I've been listening to Christmas Music for about 3 weeks now. Sad, eh? As for the lights? One call to your friendly neighborhood Robb should get you someone who's more willing to hang your lights ;-) He loves it, and I'm volunteering him. What could Merrill say if they're already up?