Saturday, October 10, 2009

Funny papers..

My kids should take up work writing for the funny papers..
Today, as I was curling my hair, I asked Peyton if we should welcome another little baby into our family.
She answered, "Nope."
I asked her again, but re-phrased it: "Do you want a baby brother or sister?"
So I tested to see if that was the only answer that was in her arsenal today.
"Do you want a sucker?"
"Yeah!" I even got the head nod that she is so good at.
"Should mommy have a baby?"
As I was relating the story later to a couple of friends, she stayed consistent with her original answer of "no".
Then my dear friend Christie repeated her answer for clarification, "No baby?"
Peyton replied in her scary, scratchy voice that gets us all laughing (think "The Shining" boy, "Red Rum.. RED RUM!!"), "NO BABY!"

As I was putting Ashley to bed tonight, and she insisted on wearing a dress to bed... I couldn't help but notice that she had on two pair of underwear.
I had to ask.
Her answer made me laugh..
Oh, that silly girl...
"Ash! Why on earth do you have on two pair of underwear?"
"So my butt won't get cold!"
Hey, she's pretty smart. If layering works with other articles of clothing, it should work with your underwear too, right?


Rachael said...

Baby hungry much? It is about that time isn't it?

I'm sad. :(

kdance10 said...

Thats so funny about the underwear:) Silly ash.

Six-Pack Momma said...

Peyton's little voice makes me laugh every time. Maybe she is so in tune she knows it's just not time yet....

And Ash may be on to something...I get a cold bum, too.

Tiffany said...

Very funny! That must be why I've been cold at night, I forgot my second pair of underwear!

Bonnie said...

cute stuff! Maybe the 2 pair of underwear worked for her!