Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bravest Woman...

The girls and I went to my in-laws house to stick up some vinyl lettering for my mother-in-law. During the visit, my MIL gasps..
But hang on... let me give you some history..
I think it is in the Pitcher genetics to be afraid, and when I say afraid, I mean REALLY AFRAID of spiders..
Remember this gem? ;)

Anyway.. I bet you can guess what the gasp was induced by..
Yup, a spider.
My newest sister-in-law, also chatting, jumped up and said she'd take care of it.
I thought, how awesome! Clint found someone like me who doesn't mind taking care of business.
She came back with a glass, turned it upside-down, and placed it over the arachnid.
Not what I thought she'd do.
Their method, let it stay there and then vacuum it up later.
I know how their "later" goes..
I walked in on their "later" one time.
There was another spider in another, similar glass, and I thought to myself, enough! I will kill the pest..
I grabbed a paper towel, tipped the glass, and...
It had been living in the glass long enough, it made a cozy home in there.
I wasn't about to let that happen again this day.
I grabbed a paper towel, and began walking to the cup, and spider.
My MIL says to Ash, "Your mom is the bravest woman I know!"
Ashley says, "No she's not.."
"She's afraid of clowns."


Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I'm afraid of clowns too! i also have a husband who hates spiders and will not kill them, I have to do it, and while I'm killing them I'm usually screaming, because I swear they attack! ;)

Six-Pack Momma said...

My kids found the clown wig fromn the costume box and wanted to pay you a surprise visit. I nixed that plan, though....maybe I deserve a treat. :)

kdance10 said...

That's so funny. Even finnier cause i hate clowns:)

Julie said...

Ash is so funny. She always knows just what to say doesn't she.

Crystal said...

How did I never know you were afraid of clowns???? I am so afraid of them too. My nieces and nephews love to tease me about it. I wonder if this phobia came on when we were kids playing at someones house? I can't pinpoint how this phobia, or when this phobia started. Did we watch "IT" at someone's house? :-)

Bonnie said...

I always considered myself the bravest spider squasher myself. But I'm not afraid of clowns, other phobias though.