Sunday, October 11, 2009


I have been accused many times of looking on the "Bright Side".. that is what Merrill likes to grumble about when he tries to complain about something and I start to point out the good in the subject matter of which he's griping.
There are times though, that I know I could be a little more positive, be a little more grateful.
I have been thinking about this for a while now, and my bloggin' bud Kaycee has just kicked it into high gear..
I especially needed to hear it today, as it is terribly easy for me to grumble about plenty, and is any of it really significant, NO.
I won't bore you with a list of events but will say that I am going to look on the bright side of it all. :D
Here's an example:
Merrill got a call a little before 12:30 this morning. The 12-8 shift person didn't show.. so HE got to go and work it.
How does this impact me?
Well, trying to not sound too whiny, and put it as succinctly as possible..
9 am church.
3 girls.
It was a blast!
(Read sarcasm here.)
I would have bailed early on the worshipping, but thought it better to let them throw fits is Sacrament meeting and just let Julie (thanks BFF!!) help, rather than take them home and ruin any sleep that the bacon-bringer might be getting.
So at this point you might be playing that tiny violin for me while I enjoy my cheese and whine, wondering where my positivity comes in.. (thanks for the accompaniment by the way.)
Well, here it is..
I got the bed all to myself!
Well, at least until 1:10 in the am when Peyton rose and wanted to snuggle only to find that Ash had wiggled her way into my bed as well...
Let me find that positivity and attitude of gratitude again...


BookwormMom said...

Hey, at least yours aren't throwing up like my littlest one is...

My bright side is currently that I have a couple of days off, so at least I don't have to worry about work while Talia's sick!

kdance10 said...

I;m there with you it's so hard flyin solo i feel i do it too much lately

Bonnie said...

That must be tough when the hubby has to leave in the middle of the night. I wouldn't be happy about it either, and I would have to blog at least a little about it!

Jamie said...

Not everyone can be postitive all the time! It is ok to complain, it means you are normal! I would've complained too :)

Julie said...

I also have a hard time staying at church when it's just me and the kids. On the bright side for me, I wasn't lonely on Sunday.