Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello again..

Last time in the "old" tub.

So I guess I should start off with where I have been...
I have been inside 2 separate houses and various cardboard boxes, packing and un-packing and getting settled.
We moved just about everything in on Friday (thanks to all the awesome help we had!!) and spent the next few days getting the house all put together for my sister-in-law, Randee's baby shower that was on Tuesday.

Before you go calling me a "crazy woman", lemme explain..
We were originally supposed to close last Tuesday (the 22nd) but surgery for one of the sellers kept him from being able to put his Herbie Hancock to important paperwork which bumped us to Thursday (the 24th).. it was again bumped, to Friday (the 25th) due to difficulties with the underwriters on their loan at the old house, and so there you have it, I was really planning on a baby shower with a WEEK to get ready, not a measly 3 and a half days.
But I did it.
With LOTS of love and help.
Thanks again..
It's been a week of firsts and lasts..
I won't lie when I say that I cried going to the old house one last time, taking the key off of my keyring, and laying it with the other keys for the new owners.

As soon as we walked in to get the last few things from the basement, the smell hit me.
It smelled just as it had the first time we walked through it almost 9 years ago.
That was weird.. we had been living there, that long, with our own smells and way of life, and the second we are out, it takes on it's old smell.
That made the memories come rushing back even harder.
I walked through, taking pictures of all the empty rooms, sniffling and being sappy.

It was a good house.
I will try to get more pics up as laundry is caught up, and Peyton's room is more put together..
Here's what I do have:
Family room...
Ahhh.. jetted tub.
The bubbles seriously grew to over a foot deep in there.
Just part of my closet.
The only painting project..
This will be a craft room that doesn't hurt my eyes...
I had to get my Halloween stuff up.. it is Randee's favorite holiday. :)

I am also rockin' an awesome clod.. that helps to make life even more interesting. :)
Not to mention the birthday Ashley has coming up on Monday.. I was just reminded.


Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I love the kitchen! And October b-days are pretty neat! Luke's is on Monday and he insists that he is already four =) Have fun making your new house yours!!

Platt Family said...

I can't believe you already have all those decorations up! You are awesome! You need to come and do mine! I have been in my house for five months and still have bare walls!

Julie said...

Everything looks so good. I know it's hard to leave an old place where you have so many fun memories, but I'm so excited for you to make new memories in your new place.

Amber said...

OOOOO... I like your new kitchen and I'm SUPER jealous about the tub! Hooray for being moved and settling in. :)

Ally's Corner said...

Leaving a home is so hard. I remember leaving the house Phil and I built when we moved to this house, it was sad. Your new house is so pretty, love the floors and your kitchen, I wish I had that many cabinets. Can't wait to see the rest of it outside also.

Six-Pack Momma said...

Well come, nabor. Wee ar glad to have you hear.

Rachael said...

When you say you need a room color that doesn't hurt your eyes I assume you mean brown. Cause looking throw the pictures of your old house there sure was a lot of brown.

FYI: I know I said I was going to have Jesse block it, but I really want to wait. I haven't said anything to him yet. Guess I'll see how things go. :)

BookwormMom said...

Glad to see you back! I figured when you didn't call on Monday you had too much going on...

I'm glad everything went great for the baby shower!

And I'm jealous of how much cute Halloween stuff you have...I'm regretting a little letting Cole take over the entire holiday (cause the stuff he does is NOT cute in any way!)

kdance10 said...

K first off that was kinda sad to see all those rooms empty. It was hard for me to move cause that's where you brought your kids home and stuff. Hoew are the girls doing with the transition? i have always wondered what my kids will do when we move. I LOVE your closet & kitchen, can't wait to be invited up for a play date and a tour:)

Visitor said...

Congrats on the new house. So excited for you!!!!! Every fabulous home maker could use a new fabulous house!

Lynners said...

This was so sweet! Here's hoping I have the opportunity to miss the house I'm living some day!!