Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This and That.. oh, and Happy Birthday!!!

We have been keeping busy with this and that..
Can anyone possibly guess what I have been doing a lot, like on a daily basis lately?
I'll give you one guess...

And Ashley decided to grow and turn another year older...
We have all been going back and forth with a cold, and Lynn decided to have a late night barf bug the other night. Fun times run amok around here.
Ashley loved her day.
Her favorite gifts were.. everything!
All she really wanted was this dang dog from JoAnn's.

Unfortunately for all the adults in the house (yup, all two of us) she got it from Grandma Pitcher.
The wee ones are severely entertained by it.
She was very excited over ALL the dress ups, but really loved the shoes.

See.. she even kissed those.

She had a hard time settling on a cake.
At this point she was stuck.

Peyton loves the dress up shoes as well. :D


Sunshine and Lazy days said...

Happy birthday Ashley! How fun! I love the cake! I have always wanted to make a Barbie cake, but Sariah has flatly refused! And seeing how I won't have another girl...I'll enjoy looking at your creations instead! which I could eat some too! =)

Ally's Corner said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Ashley!!!
Alana kisses her things too.
Hope you are enjoying your new home.


Julie said...

Happy birthday, Ash. Looks like it was a really fun day. The cake turned out fabulous.

BookwormMom said...

Been missing your posts...glad to see you're back!

The cake is amazing...I'm going to be tapping you in time for April 1st...The big 3 means Barbie will be legal at my house :)!

Oh, and by the way, now that Alec knows you live close, you may never get rid of him ;)...he had a really good time at your house yesterday and can't wait to come back...just send him home if he's in the way...

Jenny said...

Good job on the cake! It is beautiful! Happy Birthday Ashley!

Bonnie said...

Sorry about the pukey stuff! Love the cake. Happy B-day Ashley!