Friday, October 9, 2009


Have you ever had one of those moments, where you realize something that you already knew, but it seems new to you?
I had one today.
It was after my PTA Executive ;) Board Meeting, I am historian for PTA this school year, and as I was enjoying a cup of home made chicken noodle soup for my lunch, I got thinking:
I am living my dream.
I already knew that.
I know that.
It was just one of those moments, where I flashback (so appropriate for Friday, eh?) to a time not too long ago..
High school, or newlywed years, pre-child days..
Wishing and hoping for the day to come when I would be a mom, and not just any mom, a stay at home mom..
Baking cookies.
Cleaning my home.
Sewing dresses and Halloween costumes.
Snuggling up to watch Sesame Street.
Cooking dinners.
Reading stories to my babies.
Playing go fish and war.. even Candyland, but some days I have changed my mind about that one, unless I stack the cards. ;)
Holding a sleeping child for just a bit longer.
Putting together classroom parties...
And going to PTA meetings.
I am indeed, living my dream.
I realized something else that I already knew, but had my eyes opened to the fact today..
Peyton isn't my baby anymore..
As I got out her clothes for the day, I was watching her, standing at her window in nothing but her diaper..
She is getting longer, and thinner. Her tummy and little thighs aren't so chubby anymore. She is talking and interacting more and more with us.
She just isn't my baby.
My feelings were reaffirmed when Merrill saw her and made the comment, "She is getting so long!"
Now if I could get him on the same page as my other thoughts...
Getting another baby here. ;)


Tiffany said...

So glad you're living your dream! That's always a fun realization to have.

BookwormMom said...

We'll throw the power of positive thinking at Merrill...if we all think about another baby for you hard enough, he'll have to say yes...

I'm glad you're living your deserve it you're one of the best women I know.