Sunday, October 18, 2009


I love this girl..

She is pure joy, even when she's vomiting. ;)
She and I have both been having issues with this whole nursery thing. The first week she went, I stayed for maybe 10 minutes (I made it to RS in time for the "Good News Minute", that was my good news..) and she did great!!
Not so much the following Sunday..
She cried, and I did a little too.
Every Sunday that I can, I stay in there with her, hoping that she'll see how cool it is, how fun it is.
We got to the point where I could leave, she'd cry for a few minutes, but would be just fine.. until transition time.
As soon as they started to put toys away to move on to the lesson, Peyton would get upset..
Last week, I got to RS, enjoyed the lesson, then went to my Sunday School class.
It is right next to the nursery..
All I could hear, after the opening prayer was said, was Peyton.. so unhappy.
I waited a couple of minutes, then went to rescue the nursery leaders, and Peyton too.
This week, knowing what would most likely happen, and wanting to go to RS for a great lesson, I kept Pey with me, to avoid all the drama.
She sat quietly on my lap the whole time, even got a comment from my neighbor.
"My! She has been SO good this whole time. Sitting so quietly.."
The instructor finished her lesson and all agreed with an "Amen" and so did Peyton.
Loud and proud.
She got a few giggles from those Relief Society sisters.
It was also the Primary program today.
We have been working with the girls on their parts for a month now, and they both had them memorized.
But memorization alone doesn't make it so they will say it at the pulpit.
Ashley needed some serious bribing, and every week, she would get a new promised something if she would just say her part.
Lynn would say her part for her, then quote her own, just to prove her ability.
Ashley would stay silent.
Her part was: "I will prepare now to be a mother." At first she wouldn't say it because she was ticked, she wanted it to say, "I will prepare now to be a Princess."
Not quite what they have been learning in Primary this year, I am sure.
But when it all came down to it, the promised treats, dress-ups that I would make for her, and prodding because grandparents and aunts would be there, didn't compare to Sister Alexander's promise of "a pack of gum and five bucks".
She did try to get out of it, but was quickly wrangled in by Sister Cummings, who caught her attention quickly, diverting her attention from the large crowd staring at her, and told her to look at her mother and say her part..
"I will repair now to be a mother."
Yes, I cried!!
Just that part for one of my little girls.
Touched my heart... even with the repair in there..
Lynn, who was so confident, so sure of her part, all memorized, got up there and was a little overwhelmed.
Dad (also her teacher) helped her through it.
The program was so neat!! It was bittersweet, as I have been up there in it all for the past three years.. but it was nice to enjoy it with the rest of the congregation. :)


kdance10 said...

Today was our ward program too. I cried also when both of my girls said there parts, proud mom i guess.And yes i too had to bribe them with a trip to the dollar store tommorrow:)

Rachael said...

Your girls were so cute! Deanne did a great job with Ashley.

Ally's Corner said...

I say keep her with you. I did with both girls for a long time.
One day she will go in there and do just fine Sunday after Sunday. Enjoy her being little and wanting you, that is what her job is now.
Hugs Ally

Julie said...

Your girls did so awesome. I was so proud of them. Way to go Ash and Lynn!

Veronica Cleverly said...

I am so glad I found you blog! I posted that fondant recipe for you on mine. Check it out. Your girls did so great! I sure do love the primary program!

BookwormMom said...

I was totally impressed that you got Ash to say her part...and Lynn did amazing too!

I was playing peek a boo with Peyton around the benches...she was being so darling!

Six-Pack Momma said...

Ahhh...precious moments. And tell Pey thanks for her support!