Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another successful family night..

Last night made four in a row for our little family.

Little do they know, this was a goal I had set for us this year; being more consistent with our Family Home Evenings.

Last night, we talked about the “Word of Wisdom”.  We read it from the 89th section of the Doctrine and Covenants, broke it all down and discussed it on their level.  We applied it to modern day concerns as well.

Our Heavenly Father promises us great blessings if we abide by  His counsel, and I bore my testimony of this to the girls.

Right after having Lynn, I remember everyone left the room, it was just Merrill, Lynn, and myself.  He sat on the bed next to me, I was holding our new baby, and he said to me, “Min, she is perfect, she is healthy, and it’s all because you took care of yourself.  You lived a clean life, didn’t party, didn’t fall in to peer pressure, and we have a beautiful, healthy baby because of it.”

I feel that it is so important for my girls to have this in mind as they live their lives.  The world is a much different place than it was when I was their age, and it will be even more different when they are teenagers.

It isn’t always the popular or easy thing to do the right thing when our friends or the rest of the world is saying it’s okay to try something just once, or to sacrifice  our values to be cool for a moment in time.  I desire for them to remember that the promises of a loving Father in Heaven are far, far better.

We ended the night with a treat, banana splits.

If ice cream can be President Monson’s favorite treat, and we pair it with bananas, then it should be really good for us, right? ;)


Ally's Corner said...

Oh what the world does to our children.

mer said...

Cat is out of the bag now on what you are trying to do. I shall do my best to derail your plans.

Janet said...

To Mer- I know you hope you will fail. What a great blessing this will be to your family, now and later.♥