Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More painting..

I said I loved it didn’t I?

I had some projects planned for the girls rooms, and switching the girls around, just pushed those along.

I had planned, after getting the big IKEA shelf for what used to be Lynn & Ashley’s room, to paint the little white bookshelf “Peyton green” (aka: American Accents Green Apple). 

JanFeb 004

More pictures to come on how cute this turned out..

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anniebobannie said...

I saw quite a few Peyton green outfits today as I was shopping! It made me think of her cute face! I have always associated names with colors and I thought it was fun that you did too! People always told me it was weird that I did that...Oh well!!! With Ava I associate Brown and Pink and with Sawyer It is Green too. Similar to Peyton green! So funny. I actually like to Dress Ava in Blue and Lavendar because of her coloring. Anyway I thought it was funny that you did the same thing as I do!