Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Further proof..

Here’s more recent proof that a two year old lives among us:
febwk3 007
She painted her own toes Sunday after I had just finished the other girls’ fingers and toes.  I turned from curling Lynn’s hair to find this, and the blogger/scrapper mom that I am, ran for the camera before I grabbed the polish remover. :)
febwk3 052
While making the FHE treat last night, she was right there with me, asking what different kitchen items were.  The next thing I hear is, “Uh-oh mom..  mess.”
She found the straws!
But isn’t that smile sweet?
Life is pretty exciting around here to say the least! :)


Rachael said...

Wow... And I thought Kimmy was giving me a hard time! My life seems pretty easy, all Kimmy does is climb EVERYTHING! though I'm pretty sure if she knew where to polish is hidden she would be into it asap.

kdance10 said...

Oh mindy she is just to cute:) My almost 6 year old did the same thing the other day with the fingernail polish while i thought we were all napping, she was even nice enough to make sure she layed my favorite white blanket over my comforter before she did it though. Now it's got cute paint drops all over it.

Bonnie said...

I love the 2 year old mess pictures! I have a few saved for a scrap page!