Saturday, February 20, 2010

Terrific Twos..

It is Saturday today, (newsflash, I know) and I was looking forward to sleeping in today.  Every other day in this house, I am the wake-up Nazi.  It is quite difficult most days convincing the young’uns that it is time to get up and get going so we won’t be late.  So you’d think they would relish their Saturday to sleep-in just as well as I do…
Not quite the way it goes.
Peyton and Ashley are up at the time I am normally trying to wake them up every other day.  Peyton is so chipper with her first thing in the morning request of “choc milk mom?”.  Girl after my own heart….
So that’s where the attempt to sleep-in ended and my day began.
I decided to forgo eating breakfast at the table (breakfast was a bowl of Lucky Charms this morning, I needed them!) and eat it while watching the news in bed (where’s the snow?!).  When I had finished my bowl of sugary goodness, slurped the remains of the sweet milk, I got ready to hop in the shower.
Peyton came to me in distress.
“Mess mom!”
I followed her back out to my bedroom only to find her small bowl of the same tasty breakfast spilled on my bed.
But amazingly not a drop or morsel on the ground the distance from her seat at the table to the bed.
(By the way, it was on your side honey :)..)
Into the washer went the sheets, AGAIN, while I went to wash myself in the shower.
I got out of the shower only to find another surprise courtesy of my little two year old..
19-20 008 copy
19-20 009 copy
It is a priceless original that was mostly removed by Mr. Clean and his magic sponge.
The little puncture marks, however, were not removed.
She has also created other works of art, on objects which we also use to lounge..
19-20 010 copy 19-20 011 copy
Isn’t two terrific?
Thank heavens for microfiber!
Oh, and Mr.Clean. :)


Amber said...

I seem to recall some similar works of art that were created by Ashely a couple years ago. I am also friend with Mr. Clean and his Magic Eraser. I have not yet had the pleasure of using it for marker/pen but I am impressed by the wide array of things it will clean.

anniebobannie said...

Yup! We pretty much sing that same song at my house. I need to go around on my knees, so I am Ava's height, and find all her "Masterpieces". I know for sure there are some on the fridge, and the trash can! LOL gotta love their creativity though right!?!

kdance10 said...

Oh mindy, i just love reading your posts you make them sound so funny. Jace is turning in to that little stinker here too.