Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not more than I can handle..

feb 27 010 copy

I am in no way complaining, I promise.

It has just not been the relaxing weekend I envisioned when this crazy week began, and then commenced.

PTA has been keeping me busy daily, and that is good, and was planned for.  Other activities this week were planned for in advance, but Merrill’s back problem was not anywhere on the calendar, nor was Ashley’s little cough, or the lack of sleep to be had by me.

It is really bad, when rolling out of bed late because of hitting that snooze button, that I am already plotting when I can squeeze in a nap.  (Which I never got, by the way..)

I have just gotten too comfortable, I guess.  Too used to Merrill having a job that wasn’t so physically taxing on him anymore..

I blame myself, I was the one who had to open my big mouth and mention the fact that we hadn’t had to give her a breathing treatment in a looong time.  Yup, I screwed that one up big time.  Other than that cough, Ashley just keeps up with her emotional/hormonal ways that we know and love her for.  :)

As for me, who needs sleep?

Peyton hasn’t been her normal, sweet self.  She has taken up yelling at me.

At me!

I wonder if she is getting what ever Ash has..  the joys of being roomies.  She also feasted on Banana-rama-Ding-Dong soap and some of my lotion today.  At least she was balancing it out I guess..

Maybe that was why she was so grouchy.

Lynnie-lou just seems to be frustrated with it all.  She isn’t very happy.  Kind of short-fused.

I wonder where she gets it from…

It is one thing to have dad physically gone, but a whole other thing to have him physically here, but can’t do anything due to terrible pain.  So I do it all day long, and continue on throughout the evening, because my partner in crime is unable to assist me.

It is tiring.

It’s been a rough week on this momma..

I was hoping to have some fun today, to craft with the girls, snuggle-up and watch a movie..  sleep in?  It was the first day I had NOTHING to do.  But the day started with me having to clean the floors all over again after Ashley spilled her peach cup all over the floor and her barstool.  And it wasn’t just a plop, it was a splatter.  That delayed the whole day.

Lynn has been on a “Phantom of the Opera” kick, and today we were on our third day of watching it in a row.  (We did catch a break on Wednesday.)  Ashley had had enough, and barricaded herself in the bathroom, taking every single bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth available in their bathroom, unfolding it, and heaping it on the floor in front of the door to quiet the sound coming from the movie.

Then she locked the door, and shut it behind her, because that way, I would never find out (?).

She earned herself a week without computer privileges.

At least she didn’t interrupt my nap, which was overdue and very much needed at the time of this particular drama.

Lynn also hijacked my stash of Double Stuff oreos during said nap.  I am still trying to decide if that was a good thing or not.

But as I sat today, trying to get work done, with the news as my constant sound track,  I quickly realized that I am better able to deal with my husband being temporarily disabled, my toddler yelling at me, my oldest feeling frustration and jacking my oreos, and my five year old continuing on in her emotional/hormonal ways, than I am to deal with what other people throughout the world deal with every day..  today especially. 

I am so incredibly blessed that Heavenly Father knows me and what is best for me right now in my life.  He knows just what I am capable of dealing with.  He is also there to help me with my struggles and stresses.  I am not alone in them. 

I am thankful for what is upon my plate.

I am thankful for the knowledge I have that I will grow and become stronger because of these little challenges.

They certainly are puny in comparison to what others are going through now.


BookwormMom said...

Send Lynn over to my house...she can watch Phantom with me!!!

I can watch that movie over and over....

(sigh for Gerard Butler)...

Ally's Corner said...

Hoping next week is better for us all.

Rachael said...

That's the spirit! I agree with Jen though I could watch that over and over. Us Hansen's love soundtracks.

anniebobannie said...

I am grateful for this post. I was beginning to think I was the only one with bad days/weeks. I like your attitude!! I am grateful for trials becasue they help us grow, but I would like to stunt my growth sometimes;)

kdance10 said...

Girls and there drama:) I know this all too well. I'm sorry to hear about merrill hope he gets feeling better soon. Hope you have a better week.