Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just what I needed.. thank you.

Today was the official day of rest.

It was nice, I have to admit.

Even with the continued yelling from the two year old, the massages, cries of pain, heat, rest, relax, and repeat, with Mer “the cripple” Bear (love you!),  Lynn deciding to tear off the leaves of my sole surviving house plant, and then Ashley participating in the drowning of aforementioned plant, it was a good day.  Oh, and Peyton decided to poop in the tub, again.  There is just something so relaxing about that clean, warm environment that just gets those bowels a-movin’.

Let me tell you why.

I got to go to church.


I was able to enjoy a sacrament meeting without the normal interruptions (which I am thankful to have..) and listen, ponder, and be thankful.  It was a much needed break.

Well, okay, it was only Sacrament meeting, but it is the most important part of that three hour block.

I got myself ready, and no one else, which was a slice of heaven in and of itself.  I got to take my time!  I felt pretty..  (sigh.)

The ward theme for the month was “Trust in the Lord”, and the talks, all three of them, were based on this theme.

Every single one of them aimed directly at me.  I felt like I had a bulls eye on my chest.

Further testimony to me that He knows me and what I need.

I was taught things that aren’t in any way new concept to me, but good reminders.  It was said that, we don’t know our course,  things and events are put in our path to bless us and to enable us to bless the lives of others as well.  I was also reminded that I need to humble myself and pray, ask for help, plead my case.  I can’t do it all myself, and I shouldn’t.  It won’t always make the way necessarily easier or the load lighter, but I will have help and encouragement, I will learn something in the end.  The last thing that touched me was to be grateful.  When negativity arises, think of all that I am thankful for.

Now mind you, there is nothing absolutely awful going on, just the day to day blahs and struggles that are as old as a piece of bread Jackie and I found on top of Grandma’s microwave when she lived on Harrison (remember that one Jacks?  EW!).  Life can do that to us at times, just seem monotonous,  drive us a little crazy.  That’s all.

Something else made me quite happy today.. 

When I was coming home from church, so lifted and feeling happy, I found these on my porch.

28 002 copy

Someone else knows me and cares.

Thanks Oreo donor!!


Ally's Corner said...

We all need a break sometimes it's not a bad thing moms need a break. Makes us a better mommy. Sunday was a great break day for us!

BookwormMom said...

Church without distractions is a WONDERFUL thing...

And Double Stuf Oreos are one of the emotionally necessary food groups!

Jamie said...

I got to go to Sacrament a little bit ago solo, and I was amazed at how wonderful this meeting actually was... too many distractions with little ones! I hear ya!