Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yoga day..

In my quest to establish some more consistent healthy habits, I have started to exercise every day (for two days now…) and today I needed something that wouldn’t hurt me more than I already am.

Yoga is perfect! 

Even more perfect, the girls wanted to join in.

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Aren’t they cute doing child pose?

5-6 035

I LOVE the socks Merrill got me for Christmas.  They do feel strange between my toes, but they have the non-slip grips that make holding poses easier.

P.S  It was fun doing this with my little ones, but something was missing…  I think it might have been the inadvertent tap on the bum from one of my BFs or something.  We tend to flirt a little when we do YO!ga..  my little girls just like to talk, and talk, and talk and have me check out their form and tell them they are doing a good job.  It is nothing like the giggling and inserted silly comments when I get together with the gal pals. ;)


Ally's Corner said...

Where is the picture of you doing yoga?LOL!

BookwormMom said...

Hey, maybe we should encourage each other in our healthy habits. I did great with my goals for January, but now that February has rolled around, I'm having trouble committing to my goal of exercising....

Brooke said...

heyyyy.... I worked out today too and Evan was copying me. the poor child is so uncoordinated at this point his jumping jacks were hilarious :)

Jenny said...

Wow! I am so impressed that you got all three of them to participate! My kids just stare at me and laugh!